Update: This item is now $2 cheaper than when we first posted about it!

When I first discovered this product in a YouTube review, it honestly blew my mind as I had never considered something like this could or would exist. With the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S mouse, you can copy text, an image or files on one computer and then paste it to a different computer seamlessly. This is accomplished via the included unifying receiver which uses Bluetooth to keep your data stored while transferring from one computer to the next.

Sounds like all of this would be expensive, huh? Well, right now you can pick one of these up for just $67.99, a savings of $12 off its regular price. Only the Graphite version is on sale at this time.

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Now, while most people probably didn't need this functionality in the first place, it's really interesting how cross-compatible and interconnected technology is becoming. I'm also positive there are a lot of people who work with multiple computers who can put it to good use and greatly enhance their work flow.

You can use this mouse anywhere on up to three Mac or Windows computers all at the same time. And 'anywhere' is not just a euphemism; its super-accurate laser sensor allows it to work flawlessly on virtually any surface, even glass. The scroll wheel is also pretty unique, as you can click it to switch from hyper-fast to click-to-click precision scrolling instantly.

Its battery is stellar. In just four minutes of charge time, the mouse will have enough juice to last for a full day. On one full charge, it can last for up to 70 days. You can even charge the mouse while you use it with the included microUSB cable.

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