Update: This deal has ended.

The LucidSound LS30 wireless gaming headset is down to $96.99 on Amazon. Over the last six months, this headset has spent most of its time around $150. In early July it dropped to $112. Since then it has stayed pretty consistent, and this drop to $97 marks its lowest price ever.

Best Buy also has the deal in case Amazon runs out.

If you're a gamer, you know all too well the failings of gaming headsets. Gaming headsets have to balance a lot of stuff: awesome sound, a quality mic, a comfortable fit for several hours, and they have to look good. Unfortunately, most of the time what we get are "headsets for gamers," i.e. they sound like crap and have flashing LEDs on the side for some weird reason.

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Well, not only does the LS30 have all that good stuff mentioned above it also does it all wirelessly. Usually wireless gaming headsets suffer a lot in the sound department but not these. They also have the advantage of being cross-platform because of that wireless design. Use the LS30 on your Xbox One, Playstation 4, one of your previous generation consoles, or even your PC. The cups have buttons on either side for controlling the volume of your mic or the game.

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