If you're looking for a way to monitor your kid's online time or just kick them off the Wi-Fi during dinner, this one-day sale on the 2nd-gen Circle Home Plus parental control system is for you. It's down to $49.99 today only from its regular price of $70 at Best Buy.

Think of the children

Circle Home Plus (2nd Gen)

Keep your kids safe online with this Circle Home Plus monitoring setup. It uses your router to manage devices on your network with custom settings for each family member, making it simple to limit screen time, filter content, and view browsing data.

$49.99 $69.99 $20 off

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No one wants to be a snoop, but when it involves your kids, you sometimes have to be one — especially in our current climate. The internet is exceptional, offering all the information you would ever need right at your fingertips. This can be extremely dangerous as well. I don't need to go into the dangers of catfishing, the dark web, etc. The bottom line is if you have children, you have a responsibility to know what they are up to, especially when they are on the internet.

The Circle Home Plus recognizes and manages every device on your home Wi-Fi. Using the Circle app, you can create daily time limits on apps and social media sites, set filter levels by age, pause the internet, and see where your kids are spending time online. For example, if the kids aren't spending enough time on their homework, you could block Netflix and YouTube until their responsibilities are handled. As long as you have iOS 11 or later or Android 6.0 or later, you're good to go with the Circle Home Plus and the Circle app.

This version of the Circle Home Plus comes with a 3-month trial of the all the Circle premium features that regularly costs $9.99 per month. A premium subscription lets you set daily time limits, bedtime, pause the Internet, create rewards, track location of family devices, and schedule offline times for family members. After the first three months, you can subscribe at the regular rate or drop down to the basic plan to continued enjoying filtering, screen time, and web history data access.

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