Know a guy in need of a trim? Give him a subtle nudge this holiday with one of these thoughtful grooming products like the Remington Pro self-haircut kit or a membership to the Dollar Shave Club.

Ultimate Shaving Kit Set
This kit has everything you need for a nice, clean shave including a safety razor and aftershave balm. It also comes as a nice, clean set, so it makes a great gift.
Merkur Futur long-handled double-edge safety razor
A safety razor is not a one-size-fits-all sort of tool. Find the one that works best for you.
Edwin Jagger double-edge safety razor
At some point, shaving companies just started adding 20 to 30 blades to disposable razors because it sounds cool in marketing. A good safety razor can last a lifetime and even reduces irritation once you get used to it.
Honest Amish Beard Balm conditioner
You shouldn't be able to cut diamonds with your beard hair, and it's a guarantee your significant other doesn't like that feeling. This beard balm will make your facial hair feel completely different.
Remington Pro self-haircut kit
Are you a simple man who just wants a simple haircut? Shaving it all off or buzzing it down? This kit can do that for you. Since it costs less than $40, it pays for itself by the third time you've used it.
Birch Box monthly grooming supplies
Birch Box is a subscription service that sends out a selection of grooming supply samples every month, including lotions, colognes, and more.
Dollar Shave Club gift cards
Don't want to join the club, but know a hairy feller who should? Give them a gift that covers the first few months of the DSC subscription service with these Amazon gift cards.
Dollar Shave Club
Join a community of men who know all about the pains of being hairy and how to do deal with it. While this club sends regular razor blades for a monthly fee, it also offers tips and tricks for hygeine.

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