Do you hear that ticking noise? It's the sound of Cyber Monday deals slowly coming to an end. Let's just say it's time to stop hesitating and start placing orders if you don't want to miss out on today's great prices, like the latest sale on the Echo Wall Clock. Paired with Alexa, this enhanced clock can truly change how you use timers forever.

With a few words like "Alexa, countdown two minutes", you'll be set and you might just end up using it for anything and everything. Whether you need a reminder when dinner's ready, when your break is up, or when to let a little one out of their timeout corner. Now that the new Amazon Echo Wall Clock: Disney Mickey Mouse Edition is on sale today for $34.99, its lowest price in history, you should consider grabbing one for your home. This clock normally sells for $50 and in addition to showing you the actual time by using Mickey's hands, it also displays your Alexa countdowns using LED lights all along its edges.

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Oh Boy!

Amazon Echo Wall Clock: Disney Mickey Mouse Edition

This fun edition of Amazon's Echo Wall Clock features Mickey Mouse whose hands travel 'round the clock to show you what time it is. It can also be voice-controlled so you can set timers by asking Alexa.

$34.99 $49.99 $15 off

If you're not looking to hang Mickey on your wall, the original Echo Wall Clock is also on sale today for just $23.99, saving you $6 off its regular price.

Alexa's timers work great in the kitchen when you need to know how long something's been simmering, how long you've been stirring, or any number of other things. You'll be able to see exactly how long you have and coordinate all the different parts of the meal. The clock also has the benefit of automatically adjusting based on Daylight Savings Time, which is unusual for an analog clock and a great little feature. It's not the smartest of smart home devices and needs a separate Alexa device like the 4th-gen Echo Dot for the setting of timers, but if you're already in the Amazon ecosystem it's a simple, nifty addition.

Plus, it has such a simple, elegant design you can put it just about anywhere. Just keep it within Bluetooth range (about 30 feet) of your Alexa device. It has a 10-inch diameter and the 60 LEDs can display one or multiple timers. The clock also comes with mounting hardware and the four AA batteries needed to operate it. If you're still wondering whether or not you should get this, we've got the answer for you.

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