Update: The deal allowing you to get a free copy of Sea of Thieves when you buy a new Xbox One X 1TB console is now live on Amazon, B&H, and other retailers. Make sure you're buying the console from the first-party retailer and not a third party, and make sure it says something about getting a free copy of Sea of Thieves under the Special Offers section. While you will be able to download the game for free, you will have to wait until the official release date on March 20 to play. Have fun!

Sea of Thieves is the newest video game from Rare built exclusively for the Xbox One and Windows operating system. There's been a lot of hype built for the game with betas and streams and E3 videos, and now it's finally just a few days away from being released. Microsoft is marking the occasion with some interesting promotions and limited edition goodies. The biggest deal is starting March 18, you can get a copy of Sea of Thieves free as a digital download when you purchase a new Xbox One X console. You can also pre-order the Xbox One S Sea of Thieves bundle that includes a copy of the game and a 1TB console for just $283 on Amazon. That bundle releases March 20.

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If you don't plan on buying a new console, you can use your Prime membership to pre-order the game right now and get it for $47.99 instead of the usual $60. That also comes with its own reward - the Black Dog Pack featuring in-game characters, weapons, and instruments.

March 20 is the official release date for the game, when it will be available everywhere for play, but before then you can show your love for skeleton-killing treasure-chest-carrying island-hopping fun with some limited edition Sea of Thieves peripherals for Xbox. Probably the coolest accessory is the limited edition Sea of Thieves Xbox One wireless controller with the compass branding around the joystick, gold triggers, and special paint job. That controller should cost about $75, but it has sold out since its release and Amazon sellers are already marking the price up to $156 or more. We have seen these controllers in stock at Walmart, but that may or may not be true by the time you read this.

One of the other accessories is the Seagate 2TB Sea of Thieves game drive, which is essentially a portable hard drive with the Sea of Thieves branding on it. It comes with an in-game weapon called the Midnight Blunderbuss along with one month access to Microsoft Game Pass (essentially Netflix for Xbox games). The drive can be used with your Xbox of course, so it's not a bad way to store some extra games if you're running out of room. It starts at $89.99 on Amazon. The release date according to Amazon is April 1.

You can also get this Sea of Thieves themed Xbox One controller charging stand for $14.95 or in a $49.99 package that basically includes a play-and-charge kit with it. Right now the only place to pre-order these is Controller Gear, but they will be available at Microsoft soon enough. The release date for this product seems to be around mid-April.

Just remember the promo to get the game free with an Xbox One X starts March 18 and ends March 24. Most of this Sea of Thieves gear is limited, which means they'll be really hard to find soon enough. And, most importantly, don't forget to play the game when it comes out March 20. Skeletons, death, and adventure await.

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