This week you can get the Xbox One S for $50 off on a variety of bundles. For example, grab the console bundled with Sea of Thieves or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for $249. Those are two of Microsoft's newest bundles because the games themselves are relatively new, so this is a unique price that includes some of the best games you can get. The sale expires May 19.

Starting May 20, you will be able to get the Xbox One X with a $50 gift card. You'll still pay full price for the console, but that gift card can be used on a new game, new controller, or something else altogether.

The Xbox One S console released in August 2016. It was replaced a year later by the Xbox One X, but it's still less expensive than that one while being a nice upgrade over the original Xbox One. It tops out at 1080p graphics with 4K upscaling compared to the Xbox One X's natural 4K. It does add HDR support, though, and that's a big deal because it means a much wider range of available colors and higher contrast. Your darks will be darker and your brights will be brighter. It also adds infrared to the console so you can control your entire home entertainment setup from one box.

You're going to need some games to go with your new machine! Good thing Amazon is having a huge sale on digital Xbox One games, including some very popular titles and the extra DLC.

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