Who would have thunk it? Mobile apps will pay you to do things you're probably already doing! Admittedly, I had no idea before this article research but there are some legitimate sites out there that are paying people to do anything from taking surveys to photos.

Now, I'm kind of, well, obsessive over apps that will work smoothly and offer a clean interface. I for one cannot stand it when an application misbehaves or worse, so I'm awful particular about what goes on my phone and tablet, but especially my phone. Hopefully, you're the same way. I promise it saves time and headaches, not to mention money in the long run.

There are literally hundreds of apps that will pay you to do something. Be wary of the time and energy you spend trying to make money here. None of these apps are meant to replace your day job and we certainly don't want you to overwork yourself but these few apps will definitely reward you, some with real cash, for doing small tasks. I've tried to weed out those that could damage your devices. Take a look:

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Android Pay

Android Pay has rewards because Android is always looking for ways to give back. Use Android Pay in specified stores and apps to receive special offers from those partners. Current affiliates include Fandango, Postmates, Ruelala, and Doordash with great discounts, like $3 off movie tickets, free delivery, gift credit and other discounts.

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Google Opinion Rewards

Android users (and now iPhone users) should totally be using this app. It's free to download in the Play Store and App Store with an average 4-star rating, but more reviews are leaning toward 5 stars than all the other ratings combined. You can make the call on that.

This is simply Google's way of obtaining real market research, generally created by outside researchers for commercial and academic use. Once you download the free app, Google will provide you with surveys based on the places you visit, frequently or not. In exchange for your time and answers, you will receive varying amounts of credit that are then applied to your Google Play Store account. On iOS, you are paid out via PayPal for every $2 you earn. The answers are anonymous and the surveys are short. Questions may be related to stores and restaurants, promotions and/or your own plans for future events.

Many comments and reviews are impressive in their expression of credit received for simple surveys, but one of the permissions for this app includes preventing your device from sleeping. If you're a person that is always concerned about saving your battery, take heed and read on to see if there is an app that may be more compatible with your device usage habits.


EasyShift is available to download for free on iOS or Android and pays cash via Paypal. The concept is simple, you can take photos of products that are specified by store or location, perform price checks and review promotions - all while you complete your everyday errands. According to the Krazy Coupon Lady just earlier this month, the pay is top notch. Reported examples were a $7.25 payout to take a picture of the beer display at a Fred Meyer store, or $4.25 to check out the pastry display at the same store.

'Jobs' are available in almost all U.S. cities. I would definitely give this app a shot. With pay like that, the side cash could really add up quickly, depending on where you live and how often you participate.

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Gigwalk seems like fun with some pretty nice payouts. After you download the free app, register your account through the process of signing up and link your Paypal account, you can apply for gigs in your area that pay anywhere from $3-$100, or more! Of course, the average is more along the lines of $5-$20 per gig, but hey, that's free money.

You do have to do some work, but 'gigs' are relatively simple and flexible. Just choose the gigs that interest you, which can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours to complete. Make as much or as little as you want, on your own time!

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Ibotta might seem a little super intensive at first, but once you get the hang of it, you could really stand to make a few bucks on things you are already purchasing on a regular basis.

There are three ways to get paid. Offers are based on searching for rebates on products that you plan to purchase. You can redeem the rebates with your store receipt, by linking your store loyalty card/account, or with mobile in-app purchases you can browse cash back offers before your purchase. There are hundreds of stores, apps and even websites that offer shopping rebates with this service, ranging anywhere from $0.50-$20 cash back. You also get $10 for signing up and more if you connect through Facebook.

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Foap is more of an online marketplace for people that take a lot of photos that just may be worth selling. Think of yourself as a freelance photographer, earning 50% commission on each sale which is a flat rate across the board at $10 per photo. You can even create an online portfolio to present your work to prospective buyers in the branding community. With enterprises like Bank of America, Absolut Vodka and Pepsi searching your photo content, you're well on your way to fame.

Pay disburses through Paypal for your photos sold through the Foap Market or at Foap.com. You're allowed unlimited uploads, so get your fancy new phone out and take some pictures. Get paid, doing something you love!

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Always check your permissions! Apps should not be concerned with your camera, photos, or phone contacts unless there is a specified reason for these accesses within the use of the app. Also, read user comments and reviews of the application to be sure it's actually worth your while. Don't download apps from a third-party site. In other words, only use Apple's App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon App Store.

Go ahead, show yourself some money!

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