Mophie has announced four new wireless charging devices designed to make life a little easier. If you have a Qi-enabled device like the iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9, then you'll be able to use one of these. The gadgets are designed to be as minimal as possible while still delivering a powerful kick. They can also work through cases as long as those cases aren't more than 3mm thick.

The charge stream vent mount attaches to an air vent in your car with a four-prong mount and uses rubberized arms for a secure grip. You can display your phone in portrait or landscape mode and engage in some hands-free calls all while keeping the battery topped off. It comes with a Quick Charge 2.0 car adapter for phones with Quick Charge enabled and is currently available for $69.95 through the mophie website. This is a followup to mophie's charge force vent mount, which is currently available at a much smaller price. The iOttie car mounts also do very similar things as far as holding your phone and wireless charging if you're looking for more options right now.

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Very similar to the vent mount, the desk stand can also hold phones in portrait or landscape mode. It's also optimized to deliver 7.5W for iPhones and 9W for Samsung phones using Fast Charge. Designed to be used at home or at the office, the wireless charging pad can be removed and used in other ways more like a regular wireless charging pad. The stand will be available through the mophie website later this fall at $69.95, but there are good looking stands available at the moment like the Twelve South HiRise, which has been on sale a lot recently.

Mophie's final two new products are the powerstation wireless and powerstation wireless XL. These portable power banks have built-in batteries of 6040mAh and 10000mAh respectively. All you have to do is place your wireless charging device on it and get up to 5W charging speeds. You can also hard wire to the device with a USB-A cable, which means you can charge one wireless device and one wired device simultaneously if you want. Both devices are available on mophie for $79.95 and $99.95.

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