The Sanus Premium advanced tilt TV wall mount is on sale for $79.99. The wall mount normally sells for around $150 at Best Buy, and you'll find it going for that price most places. Similar models from Sanus also go for around $130 or so at B&H and other retailers. The drop to $80 is perfect and one of the lowest we've seen.

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Sanus Premium advanced tilt TV wall mount for most 42-inch to 90-inch TVs

Fits most TVs between 42 and 90 inches. Supports up to 150 pounds. Easy to install. Includes installation for VESA 200mm x 200mm and 600mm x 400mm. Find the perfect angle because this mount is tilt and horizontal adjustable.

$79.99 $150.00 $70 off

The Sanus Premium wall mount can hold most TVs between 42 and 90 inches. You just need to make sure your TV has 200mm x 200mm or 600mm x 400mm VESA mounting on the back. Both options are fairly common. The wall mount can also support up to 150 pounds, so just make sure you're not using a particularly heavy model. Given how lightweight TVs are these days, that shouldn't be a problem even with a larger screen.

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When I decided to wall mount my TV, the main thing I was worried about was how difficult it was going to be. Honestly, it's not. Sanus does a great job of providing easy to follow instructions. The plate you secure to your TV is easy to put on. The one going into the wall will require a stud finder and a little bit of drilling, but as long as you take your time with it you should be able to handle this easily. Trust me, I am not good with tools and I did it. After that, you'll probably just need some help from a friend to lift the TV and place it on the mount.

Sanus mounts are great, too, because they have a lot of flexibility. You don't have to place the mount perfectly because you can just move the TV once it's on there. You can also tilt it to find the perfect viewing angle.

Sanus covers the mount with a 10-year warranty.

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