The Nekteck 16800mAh 600A car jump starter portable power bank is down to $40 on Amazon with code F5IGIGAX when sold by Nekteck Direct. This emergency jump starter only dropped to this $50 street price in February. It has stayed at that price ever since. This drop to $40 is its lowest price ever. Even previous coupon codes only brought it down to $50.

The Nekteck is an emergency kit with 600 amps of power to jump start any vehicle, including 3L diesel cars or even lawn mowers. The 16800mAh battery pack can be used to charge your phone, laptop or tablet, which makes this a great device to have for multiple emergency needs.

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There's also a built-in LED flashlight and protection against overcharge. The power bank comes with a one year warranty.

This device is seemingly on sale because Nekteck has released a newer model that does many of the same things, which means this one will slowly disappear as production stops. This might be one of the last deals we see on it.

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