Withings has announced a new fitness tracker called the Pulse HR. The original Withings Pulse came out back in 2013, so the Pulse HR is going to have some major improvements over that model. Not only has the design been updated to something more modern, the materials are stronger as well. The Pulse HR has a reinforced polycarbonate surface and stainless steel casing.

Withings released the Steel HR earlier this year, and the new Pulse HR keeps a lot of the good features from that tracker while also offering some improvements (like a much lower cost). The battery life, for example, is very similar and lasts up to 20 days on a single charge. You'll also be able to use the Pulse HR to track around 30 different activities including yoga and hockey. Basic activities like walking, running, or swimming are detected automatically.

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Get all the information you need by just pressing a button or raising your wrist to reveal the OLED display. The data includes everything from the time and date to your heart rate, calories burned, goal progress, and more. The built-in heart rate sensor monitors your pulse in 10 minute intervals all day and night as well as providing continuous measurements while working out. You'll be able to track your heart rate zones over time, giving you a better idea how to plan your workouts and reach your fitness goals.

The Pulse HR is water-resistant up to 50 meters. It can also track the length and quality of your sleep when worn at night and provide you with analysis and a Sleep Score. You can even use the Sleep Smarter program to help you improve your sleep over an eight-week period.

The Health Mate app pairs with your new tracker to provide you with tons of information. You'll be able to personalize your notifications and receive customized alerts as well. The app is free on Android and iOS and works with other systems like Apple Health and Google Fit.

Pre-order the Pulse HR today from Withings for $129.95. It will be released Dec. 5, and you should see it on Amazon soon, too.

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