Zagg has announced a new keyboard called the Zagg Flex. It's a universal Bluetooth keyboard, and it is designed to work with any tablet, smartphone, or even smart TV. The keyboard has a thin, protective cover. Similar to iClever's folding keyboard, it has this feature so you can guard the keys but still travel with it. The cover is also designed similarly to Apple's smart cover for the iPad where you can use it as a built-in stand for your device.

With the keyboard's flexibility (Get it? Flex?) to work with any device, it also has a feature that lets you switch between two connected devices seamlessly. Go from your smartphone to your tablet without skipping a beat. This is similar to some other Bluetooth keyboards we've seen like the Logitech K480 that has an easy-to-use dial to switch between devices.

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The keyboard has laptop-style keys that are designed to be rounded, concave, and comfortable. It is also backlit with up to seven color options you can choose from. While using the keyboard for one hour a day without the backlighting, the battery should last up to one year. Zagg's press release says the keyboard will retail for $69.99, but it's only currently available for $79.99 on the main site.

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