Update: This sale has ended.

While the Nintendo Switch may be the hot new console on the market, it's not the preferred handheld platform of gamers just yet. Nintendo's other handheld console holds that title still, and for a limited time the Galaxy Style New 3DS XL is now on sale for $175 at Amazon, a discount of $25 off its normal price of $200. This deal matches the one we saw during Prime Day and is only valid on this edition of the console.

If the moniker "the New Nintendo 3DS XL Console" is a bit confusing to you, take solace in the fact that it's not just you who's confused. Nintendo's latest handheld craze comes in a variety of form factors. While there are others which are smaller and only play games in 2D, this one includes 3D functionality and an extra-large screen.

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Nintendo's 3D technology has come a long way since the original 3DS was released, which is also why they've included the word "New" in this console's title. Some people claim certain games are worth playing in 3D, others opt to simply turn 3D off for every game they play. Ultimately, that will be up to you to decide.

The New Nintendo 3DS XL Console (and every other Nintendo 3DS) is backwards compatible and can play nearly every Nintendo DS and Game Boy game.

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