Update: This sale has ended.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock is now on sale at Amazon for $23.99, saving you $4 off the average cost.

Charging your original two Joy-Cons that come with the Switch is pretty simple, just slide them onto the device while its docked and they'll begin to power up. However, with a second pair of Joy-Cons, keeping them all charged can be a pain when there can only be one set at a time charging via the device.

Instead of deciding which set needs to be charged more, you could charge them both at the same time. The charging dock also has individual LED lights which flash red or green to indicate each Joy-Con's power level.

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If you missed out on grabbing a Nintendo Switch with Neon Red and Blue Joy-Cons, you can purchase a set of the elusive Joy-Cons separately for $79.99. It's not exactly a deal, but with them being so hard to find, its nice to know you can grab them at Amazon whenever with free shipping.

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