Update: This deal has ended.

The Nintendo Switch with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is down to $339.99 through eBay seller antonline. The Switch itself is $300 but still relatively hard to find and only available for as low as $360 online through third parties. The Mario + Rabbids game is still relatively new and its best price is $48 on Amazon. So altogether this might not be the best savings in the world but it is cheaper than buying the two individually, and the availability of the Switch alone makes it worth talking about.

Mario + Rabbids is a turn-based tactical role-playing game. It reminds me of a kid-friendly version of XCOM or Shadowrun Returns. These sort of games tend to follow a basic principle of "easy to learn, hard to master," which makes them great for gamers of any age.

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The game is fairly new having just been released in late August. It was featured pretty heavily at E3 and used in most demonstrations of the Switch before it was released. The game has been talked about a lot and won plenty of awards. So if you're on the fence, it's definitely worth your consideration as one of the better first party games for the platform.

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