Parrot's Jumping Sumo is not your average drone, but you can buy your own for just $22.99 refurbished when you enter promo code MINIDRONE7 at checkout to save $7 off this item's sale price at Daily Steals. These drones usually go for around $45 new.

The Jumping Sumo is tiny, and it doesn't soar through the sky like other drones. Instead, like its name suggests, it's a land drone which jumps. Not only that, but it's pretty acrobatic. You can do sudden 90 and 180-degree turns and change your direction in an instant, do quick spins or jump across 80cm gaps. You'll basically be a parkour star at that point.

It's equipped with a wide-angle camera which streams live immersive film directly to whatever device you download its included FreeFlight 3 app on. With a flick across the screen, your drone will instantly turn in the direction you swiped. Have fun!

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