Whether you're really into golf or you're really into the competitive scene that has arisen over the Golden Tee games and still continues to this day, this Arcade1Up gaming cabinet is your chance to practice your short game and travel the world... virtually. And on golf courses. The Golden Tee cabinet is down to $284.99 at Best Buy, and this sale is part of Best Buy's deals of the day so it won't last long. The same cabinet is going for more than $400 at Home Depot and for around $350 at Walmart. The sale at Best Buy is the best price you'll find.

Hole in One

Arcade1Up Golden Tee arcade cabinet with riser

Golden Tee is one of the longest running arcade games in history. Play four classic versions and go golfing anywhere in the world with this arcade cabinet. Includes light-up marquee, a 17-inch color LCD, and a 12-inch riser for standing play.

$284.99 $350.00 $65 off

This cabinet technically has four games: Golden Tee Classic, Golden Tee 2k, Golden Tee '98, and Golden Tee '99. Of course all of these games are fairly similar, but the main reason you'd want multiple versions is for all the different courses. You'll have a ton of environments to play in, and you'll be able to switch easily between them. Each game has four different 18-hole courses. The cabinet comes with a high-quality trackball, essential to the sport of virtual golf. Play by yourself or with up to four people.

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The cabinet itself is designed to mimic those same arcades you remember from way back in the day. It's not quite the same full size of those early cabinets, but it does stand a little more than five feet tall thanks to the custom riser designed with original artwork. It features a full-color 17-inch LCD display and dual speakers. The outside of the cabinet features a light-up marquee and artwork based on the original arcades. Of course, it's not exactly the same as the old arcade cabinets you remember. You won't need to stock up on quarters to play it for one thing. It also has custom controls including volume.

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