Update: This sale has ended.

The Polk Audio Omni S6 portable wireless speaker is down to $149.98 at Best Buy. This speaker normally sells at $245, which is its price on Amazon. It goes for even more at other retailers like Walmart.

If you've ever been jealous of people with Sonos home audio systems and speakers throughout the house and wished you could afford something like that, this Omni S6 might be what you look into. Polk Audio offers a lot of the same features as Sonos at a budget price.

Features include:

  • This speaker can be connected to other speakers, soundbars or devices that have DTS Play-Fi technology. Stream the same music to every room or stream different songs to different rooms.
  • Use the Polk Omni app to add more speakers or components, wirelessly link speakers for more dynamic sound, and download software updates.
  • The Polk Omni app connects you to your personal library, Internet radio and online music services, including Spotify, Pandora and Songza.
  • Part of the Polk Omni Collection, the S6 can be used a stand-alone wireless speaker or as part of a system.
  • Two 4" drivers and two 0.75" tweeters powered by a four-channel amplifier deliver rich, detailed sound.
  • Enjoy room-filling sound in medium- to large-sized spaces anywhere in your home. The speaker's sleek design fits into any room.
  • Just plug in the speaker, download the Polk Omni App and follow the instructions.
  • Includes a USB port and Auxiliary input.

The Omni S6 can be paired with other Polk Audio speakers like the Omni S2 to create an entire multi-room home theater system.

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