You're probably already familiar with the Ring Video Doorbell, but the Ring Alarm is easily the first Ring product you need for your home. Luckily, today's your chance to snag the home security system at a discount, as Amazon has the 5-piece security system bundled with a free Echo Dot smart speaker on sale for $119.99 right now. That saves you over 50% off this bundle's full cost.

Then again, you can save even more on the 8-piece and 14-piece Ring Alarm security systems; the 8-piece is now discounted by up to $190 with Echo Show while the 14-piece is discounted by $180 with Echo Dot. those are some hefty savings.

Bundle deal

Ring Alarm 2nd Gen Echo Dot

Ring Alarm systems + free Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Amazon's discounting Ring Alarm kits for Prime members and tossing in a free Echo Dot or Echo Show. You can only score one of these bundle deals during Prime Day, though!

From $120

The Ring Alarm home security system utilizes the same app that the Ring Video Doorbell uses, allowing you to manage both easily from anywhere in the world using just your smartphone. Of course, the app is available for download on tablets and PCs too. There are other, more robust Ring Alarm configurations on sale, though the 5-piece version is the most affordable. Thanks to the included Echo Dot speaker, you'll even be able to voice control this alarm system, including arming, disarming, and checking its status by asking Alexa for assistance.

Ring's 5-piece kit comes with one base station, one contact sensor, one extender, one keypad, and one motion detector. You'll be able to use this system to get instant alerts for a variety of things including when doors or windows are left open or when the system detects motion. You can monitor it all from your iOS or Android phone or tablet. It's also easy to setup, requiring no extra tools or professionals.

If you already have other Ring products, they can all communicate with each other. The system even includes a 24-hour backup battery and 110-decibel siren. You can learn much more about this home security system in our Ring Alarm review from 2018.

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