Amazon Prime Wardrobe has been around for awhile now. It started out as an invite-only program and was slowly rolled out to more members over the course of the past few months. As of today, it's available to every Amazon Prime member.

Prime Wardrobe gives you the benefit of trying clothes on before you commit. Simply pick three or more qualifying items, wait for your package to arrive, and you'll have seven days to try your goodies on in the comfort of your own home. If you decide to keep your items, you'll be charged and it's business as usual. Otherwise, use the included return label and resealable box to ship them back to Amazon free of charge by dropping off the package at your local UPS.

There's a pretty big selection of items available for men, women, and kids. You can choose from a variety of clothing, shoes, and accessories to curate your own Prime Wardrobe box. While Amazon's service doesn't have on-call stylists like other similar services, like Trunk Club or Stitch Fix, there are a few collections posted in each category to help you get inspired. For instance, right now women can check out these qualifying tropical prints and summery accessories, or perhaps these curated American remix clothes that are perfect for the 4th of July.

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Of course, like any service, Prime Wardrobe does have its downsides. You won't really find any deals here; the qualifying items tend to lean more towards the couture rather than the cheap. However, shopping online for clothing can be a major pain, and with Prime Wardrobe, you're able to replicate the experience of a fitting room in your own home. No more worrying about dealing with a complicated return if that outfit just doesn't fit right; simply stick it in a box and ship it back.

You can learn more about Amazon Prime Wardrobe here.

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