Update: This deal has ended.

If you haven't already pulled the trigger on a PlayStation 4, there's a pretty nice deal available on the PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB console on Newegg's official eBay store. With the coupon code PCOLLEGE10, you can save $40 off its regular price and pick the console up for only $359.99. This promo code expires on August 1 so be sure to get your order in soon!

The Playstation 4 Pro provides support for faster frame rates which can noticeably enhance game graphics and improve visuals throughout. It can also play games and stream in 4K, though you'll need a TV good enough to notice the difference there. It cannot play 4K Blu-ray discs.

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Some games are now being updated specifically to run better on this console. It's also worth mentioning that this version of the PS4 is a bit larger than its previous incarnations. Must-haves with the Playstation 4 include the PS4 VR and PlayStation Plus membership.

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