Update: This deal has expired.

With the vast amount of media that people consume nowadays, it's getting pretty easy to fill up the storage space available on a computer's hard drive. We then turn to public cloud storage solutions like Dropbox, Mega or Google Drive until we've had enough of the issues that come along with using another company's server to protect our data. Thankfully, there are still other options.

Amazon currently has the QNAP Personal Cloud NAS on sale for $169, its first drop ever from its regular price of $200.

The QNAP TS-231P-US 2-bay Personal Cloud NAS is a private cloud storage solution which acts as a central secure location allowing for file backups, storage and access. Once content is loaded into the NAS (network-attached storage) system, Wi-Fi enabled devices such as other computers, gaming consoles and smart TVs can connect with it to share and view the content from anywhere in the house. This device is also great for small businesses who need to share documents or other important data between personnel.

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It's important to note that this product does not actually have any room for storage on its own. You have to buy storage drives separately which can then be fitted into the slots on the front of the NAS.

The QNAP NAS supports Apple Airplay, Chromecast and DLNA. It also features a variety of apps such as Notes Station and an online email client to assist in managing multiple email accounts.

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