If you're still lamenting the death of the Amazon Dash button, you'll be pleased to know that just a few months ago Amazon got back into the automatic re-ordering business with the Dash Smart Shelf. And, right now, you can snag one in a size that suits at a 40% discount.

All sizes on sale

Amazon Dash Smart Shelf

Dash Smart Shelf is a smart scale that can automatically re-order pantry staples, pet products, office supplies, etc, for you or notify you when supplies are running low. With Subscribe & Save, you can also get a discount on re-ordered items.

$11.99 $19.99 $8 off

Where the Dash buttons were each dedicated to re-ordering one particular product like Tide pods, kitchen towels, razors, or even Pop Tarts, with garish branding to match, the Dash Smart Shelf can be programmed (and re-programmed) to order all manner of different products and features a look that blends in much more seamlessly in most kitchens or pantries. The Smart Shelf comes in three different sizes, all of which are down to $11.99 from a regular price of $20.

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The Smart Shelf works by keeping tabs on the weight of everyday items placed on it. When it senses you're running low, it can either place a reorder for you or send a notification to let you know so you can stay stocked up on daily essentials. Even if you have auto-ordering on, Dash Smart Shelf is clever enough not to trigger an order by mistake when you're just rearranging your pantry. Instead, it makes sure your product is below the reorder threshold for 12 hours.

As well as saving on the scale now, you'll also save as much as 25% on your first re-order of selected products as well as regular Subscribe & Save discounts that apply to a bunch of products. The scale runs for two years or more with the included batteries so you don't have to worry about keeping it within reach of an outlet.

We don't know how long the sale on the Dash Smart Shelf is going to last but this is its biggest discount ever so it probably won't be available for long.

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