Update: This offer has expired.

The Roav Dash Cam C1 by Anker is currently available for only $66.99 when you enter the promo code 3RJ6NATH at checkout. This is the lowest price this item has ever had and $20 below its average cost.

This dash cam records in 1080p and has a wide-angle lens which can capture four lanes of traffic at a time. It has a gravity sensor inside which will activate the camera in the event of a collision, even if you're not in the car at the time. It also features extreme temperature resistance, allowing the camera to continue operation in 19℉-149℉ weather and still protect data in -20℉-160℉ temperatures.

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With the ROAV app, you can download, watch and manage all of the recordings that are stored on the camera. It's Wi-Fi enabled so you won't need to hook anything up to it or swap out a memory card. Simply connect and access.

This item requires a microSD card to be able to store footage on its own yet doesn't include one. If you want to pick one up now so the camera is ready to be used when it arrives, your best option is probably this Sandisk 128GB microSD card for $45 as 128GB is as much as this camera will accept, but there's also the 64GB card for $23 as well if you're looking for something smaller.

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