Update: This deal has ended.

Samsung's original Gear 360 was something that caught the attention of a lot of people, but for many, the price held them back from actually buying it. When you pair the need to use a Samsung phone with its previously high price point, you have a recipe for disaster, but that has since changed. Right now you can pick one of these up at Amazon for just $79.91, which is nearly $200 less than it originally sold for.

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If you don't mind getting it refurbished, use code THRFTRGEAR360 to get the Gear 360 for $75. The refurb comes with a 90-day warranty.

From the Android Central review:

Samsung's Gear 360 is the 360-degree camera we've all been waiting for. It stands out. It has the power of one of the world's biggest tech companies behind it… and it's a somewhat frustrating product. The software experience is the best we've used in this class of camera, bar none. The industrial design is excellent. But the Gear 360 is greatly hampered by its inability to fit in a pocket, by being (currently) locked to Samsung's own phones, and by inconsistent stitching in processed photos.

This year, Samsung released an updated model, but it's priced at $230. If you've got a Samsung phone and want to try a 360-degree camera, this deal is the way to go.

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