As part of Dell's ongoing Black Friday sales, you can currently save on a select number of really good computer monitors. A lot of the monitors are already being discounted directly thanks to Black Friday. Plus, certain options already come with Dell digital gift cards worth up to $200. So you're saving in two ways with this sale if you look for the right displays. For example, you could get Dell's UltraSharp U3419W 34-inch curved USB-C 1440p monitor on sale for $719.99, its lowest price anywhere, with a $200 gift card.

Keep your moneys

Dell computer monitors including gaming displays, USB-C, & more

Time to upgrade the battle station. Get a new gaming monitor with 1440p and 144Hz or a new screen for watching media. Use the gift card to add another accessory from the Dell store during Dell's ongoing Black Friday sale. Savings all around.

Save 35%

Need some other monitor options that are part of this sale? Check out the Dell UltraSharp U2719D 27-inch screen that's on sale for $359.99 and comes with a $150 gift card. The Dell UltraSharp U2419H 1080p 24-inch monitor is down to $219.99 and comes with a $100 gift card. Search the monitor store for even more ways to save.

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Dell introduced the 34-inch U3419W monitor in early 2019, so it's a fairly modern display with some great features. For one thing, it has a 3440 x 1440 pixel resolution. The screen curve helps improve your field of view and lets you keep an eye on each and every one of those tiny pixels. Curves are designed to immerse you into whatever you're doing while also reducing reflections.

The monitor's built-in USB-C port actually lets you connect a laptop to expand its screen while also keeping the laptop's battery charged up. There's also built-in surge protection in case something crazy happens. Connectivity options include two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort, four downstream USB-A 3.0 ports, and two USB-A upstream ports.

Dell UltraSharp monitors are also backed by a "Premium Panel" warranty, which basically ensures if your monitor arrives with any dead or bright pixels then Dell will replace it. Nothing worse than spending hundreds on a fancy new monitor just to have one little dead spot somewhere on it.

Dell gift cards are a bit weird, to be fair. They can only be spent at, you will be emailed the code within 20 days of your purchase, and you have 90 days to use it before it expires. Spend it before it expires! Try upgrading your audio with a sound bar or speakers, or spend it on something else entirely like a media streaming player, gaming console, or something else you can connect to your new TV. Check out Dell's Black Friday sales for some ideas of what to spend your new money on.

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