Sonos is having a sale on a couple of speakers in its lineup. Grab the Sonos One SL speaker on sale for $139 or the Sonos One (Gen 2) speaker for $159 at Amazon. The One SL is only available in White at this price as the Black one is sold out, but the regular Sonos One is available in both colors.

This is a sale being passed down from Sonos. That means you can find both speakers this low at several other retailers including B&H and Best Buy among others.

Smart and voice controlled

Sonos One SL and 2nd-gen One smart speaker

The One SL is down to $139 and the 2nd-gen One is down to $159. Both prices are $40 off what they regularly go for. Both are just $10 above what they were during Black Friday. Sonos deals do not last long so hop on that train. Choo-choo!

$139.00 $179.00 $40 off

We did see these speakers drop to about $10 less than today's sale during Black Friday. Of course, with all the craziness happening over that weekend it's perfectly possible you missed it. If so, today's your lucky day because Sonos does not discount its gear very often. In fact, outside of today and Black Friday you'd have to go all the way to April for the last time they dropped in price.

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The One SL is the least expensive option here, and it still has plenty of great features you can only get from a Sonos speaker. For one thing, it has sound that's powerful enough to fill a room. Plus the compact design lets you put it just about anywhere. It's easy to set up and easy to control, and you can even download the Sonos app to easily do all of that and much more.

In addition to using the app to connect to the speaker, you can also use Apple AirPlay 2 to easily play music from your favorite apps or even ask Siri to play from Apple Music. The speaker can also connect to other Sonos speakers, either setting up stereo sound with two One SL speakers connected together or by syncing your music throughout your home with a full Sonos setup.

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