Sony's XBR-85X950G 85-inch 2019 model 4K smart TV has dropped to $2,998 at BuyDig, and you can find the same price at several other retailers including Best Buy. BuyDig, however, is sweetening the pot with a few extra incentives. You'll also get a Google Nest hub, which is a smart device worth about $100 on its own, and a Task Rabbit installation voucher. The voucher is used to hire a local contractor to install your TV for free. You'll be able to pick your own contractor based on reviews and schedule it on your own time. Not only are you saving and getting free stuff, but the convenience of having a professional install and mount your TV just adds to the value here.

Set up for success

Sony XBR-85X950G 2019 85-inch 4K Smart TV with free installation

The TV comes with a TaskRabbit installation voucher, which will find a local contractor to install the TV for you. This 2019 4K model includes HDR support, full array local dimming, a 120Hz refresh rate, wide viewing angles, and motion clarity.

$2998.00 $3500.00 $502 off

The X950G is one of Sony's best models of the 2019 lineup with all the buzzwords and features to prove it. Not only do you get 4K resolutions, but you also get a wide range of support for HDR content, including HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. It's also got the Android 8.0 operating system so you can fully access the Google Play store for streaming apps, games, music, and more. Connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and you can also use that internet connection to connect to your smart home. Use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to view the live feeds from security cameras around your home, control other smart home accessories like your thermostat, or just search for your favorite apps.

The Acoustic Multi-Audio is another interesting feature on this TV. The TV has two sound-positioning tweeters on the back that help create an immersive experience by syncing the sound with the action. The TV also has full array local dimming, making this a great TV for deep blacks and a beautifully high contrast ratio. Unlike a lot of TVs and monitors that claim to support HDR, the X950G really does with a peak brightness well above 1,100 nits. You'll notice a huge difference between HDR and non-HDR content.

The TV's biggest flaw is that it uses a VA panel so it does not have the wide viewing angles of TVs using an IPS panel. Sony makes up for this in the larger screens (like this one) by using a "X-Wide Angle" tech that sacrifices contrast for the sake of angles.

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