Pick your laptop up off your desk with the Soundance Aluminum Laptop Riser. This laptop stand is available in three colors starting at $33 via Amazon, though right now you can pick up the silver model on sale for just $23.09 when you enter promo code DD8JR3C5 during checkout. That saves you $9 off the average cost of this model and brings it close to its lowest price in history, though the code will not work on any model other than the silver version.

$10 Savings

Soundance Aluminum Laptop Stand

Soundance's Laptop Stand not only puts your laptop at eye level but also keeps it cooler. It's designed to fit pretty much any 10- to 15.6-inch laptop and comes with a one-year warranty.

$23.09 $32.99 $10 off

With coupon: DD8JR3C5

Soundance's Laptop Stand is built to accommodate nearly any 10- to 15.6-inch laptop. It's designed with thickened aluminum alloy for a studier frame that won't wobble, while rubber on the bottom helps to keep the stand from moving around on your desk. There's also rubber on the holder hands to keep your laptop from slipping around.

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By raising your laptop six inches high, this laptop stand helps to keep your computer at eye level to prevent neck and shoulder pain. It's also made to allow for better heat ventilation and keep your computer from overheating. Plus, with the space underneath, you can slide your keyboard underneath when you're done working for a tidier desk.

Soundance includes a one-year warranty with this laptop stand's purchase, and the stand also features a 30-day "no-questions-asked" return policy. At Amazon, nearly 2,000 customers have left reviews for Soundance's laptop stand resulting in a solid rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

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