While Black Friday is a great chance to save on your next big tech or home purchase, Cyber Monday is the perfect time to save on digital goods and services. If you're wanting to add a little extra security and privacy to your life this Cyber Monday, it's well worth checking out this limited-time sale at Proton offering up 50% off the encrypted email service ProtonMail along with its ProtonVPN and ProtonDrive services.

Safety first

ProtonMail Plus

Get ProtonMail Plus and ProtonVPN Plus at 50% off their normal monthly prices with this Cyber Monday bundle deal. Alternatively, save 35% on ProtonMail Plus alone to remove the free plan's 500MB storage and 150 messages per day limits.

Up to 50% off

Privacy is a hot topic these days and we've seen interest in VPNs in particular skyrocket. While you may have tried out a VPN before, have you spared a thought for your emails?

ProtonMail is an email service where all communications can be encrypted and messages can even be set to self-destruct. Proton is based in Switzerland, as are all of its servers, meaning user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws. Emails sent via ProtonMail are end-to-end encrypted and no personal information is required to create your secure email account so you can use it anonymously.

Despite being super secure, ProtonMail is straightforward to use and feature a modern design. You can access the service via the web or apps for Android and iOS.

Today's deal scores you two years of ProtonMail and ProtonVPN at 50% off which is a total saving of $180, dropping the equivalent monthly cost to just $7.50. If you don't want to commit to two years, you can go with the 1-year option and still save 45%. With either option, you'll also get early access to the ProtonDrive end-to-end encrypted cloud storage beta. One year of ProtonMail Plus only is also on sale at 35% off.

Unlike other cloud storage services, with ProtonDrive you encrypt your data on your own device before it gets uploaded to its secure servers. That means Proton does not have the ability to access your files, spy on your data, or make money through ads.

As you'll see from the timer on the ProtonMail site, this deal is only available for a limited time so it's well worth signing up during the deal period to cut your subscription by up to 50%.