You may know Namecheap as a domain registrar but it also has its own VPN service. To help people give it a spin, it is currently offering a 1-month free trial so you can check it out at no cost. After that period, it renews at $5.88 per month unless cancelled.

Alternatively, you can score a year of the service at an 83% discount for a limited time, dropping the twelve months of access to just $12. That makes it just $1 per month, compared to the usual $5.88 monthly cost, so you're saving almost $5 every month. That's one of the best VPN deals on offer right now.

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You may know Namecheap as a domain registrar but it also has its own VPN service. You can get your first month free ($5.88 thereafter) or sign up for a whole year for just $12


You may or may not have considered using a VPN before but, in our increasingly connected world, it's a good idea to have one installed. So much of what we do every day is now online — from shopping to paying bills, signing up for credit cards, or just browsing, and that data can be at risk if you're not using a VPN. That's especially true if you spend any amount of time using a public Wi-Fi network. A VPN can help cloak your internet activity in anonymity and stops you from being tracked across the web for advertising, having your traffic intercepted, or running into malicious sites.

A VPN is also great for accessing content online that would otherwise be blocked based on location. If you want to watch Studio Ghibli movies on Netflix or the new Andy Samberg movie Palm Springs on Hulu and find yourself outside of the available regions, you can use a VPN to change the location of your IP address so you can bypass those restrictions.

Namecheap VPN offers a secure, fast, and anonymous browsing experience. It uses AES 256 encryption, DNS Leak Protection, and keeps no logs about user activity so you surf anonymously. Namecheap VPN is also pretty speedy, as TechRadar found in its testing, and has unlimited bandwidth so there's no data cap to worry about.

It doesn't have as many servers as its more established counterparts, with 1,000+ compared to NordVPN's 5,000+, but there are more than enough for day-to-day protection. It works on iOS, Android, macOS and Windows and allows you to use your subscription on an unlimited number of devices at once. Most VPN services have a limit for the number of devices, so that's a huge bonus.

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