Okay, then Thrifters! Here's a reason to think about pocket change. And remember all the cool things you were able to save for with pocket change saved from your coin bank when you were a kid...

Now, what does $8 or $10, or maybe even $13 a month add up to in the long term? Probably more than your childhood allowance, at least! Think about it for a second. That would be a nice dinner out with your boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, or even a group of friends. It could also be any other $50-$100+ investment in your year.

This is why you should consider sharing your Netflix account with your besties, roommates, or whomever you share the most media with anyway. It is allowed per Netflix regulations and you could all save a few bucks every other month or three - you know, for that shiny new bicycle or tape deck you've had your eye on.

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Netflix is fully aware that families are sharing passwords and they have even set their plans up to support multiple users on one account. Check it out:

For the straight up Basic plan which only allows the user to stream one program on one screen, it's only $8 a month. This plan can be shared, but remember that only person can be logged in and using the service at any given time.

$11 a month gets you streaming simultaneously on two screens with the Standard plan, meaning that two people can be logged in to two separate devices and watching different programs at the same time.

Rest easy because Netflix is totally okay with it!

The Premium plan provides streaming on four screens at once for $14 per month. Netflix is available to stream online and with the app for phones and tablets and even some newer TVs, so there's nothing stopping you and your friends or family from combining this cost each month!

Keep in mind that account/password sharing is mostly considered an illegal act, a federal crime per the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act actually. But, rest easy, because Netflix, among a few other companies in the media atmosphere, is totally okay with it. Besides, that law was established to help prevent hacking or other illegal type activity.

In the news, co-founder and CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings has made it perfectly clear that password sharing is no concern of theirs "because there's so much legitimate password sharing, like you sharing with your spouse, your kids…", he says. In other words, the company knows there are a few of us out here sharing with the neighbor and while they would prefer that we keep the password under one roof, they have absolutely no intention of doing anything about it if we don't.

This is a simple concept and Netflix makes it easy to share your account password, but be sure to read up on the terms and conditions and become familiar with the surrounding codes of conduct in using the service on these premises. It's really up to you how you use your Netflix account and as long as you're comfortable sharing with someone you trust, you go right on ahead and do that.

Wanna keep it fair? Decide who among your circles that you will share your plan with and make everybody get their own account to share with you as well. Cycle the accounts each month among users. This will keep the shuffle of payments out of everybody's hair, be fair to Netflix, and you will have a new opportunity each month to mix up your preferences!

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If you're a Netflix junkie and you have someone or a few people close to you with the same media habits, this is a no-brainer. Save money, watch movies, buy something cool each year! Sharing a Netflix membership with friends and family just got real.

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