November is almost half way over, and that means that Black Friday will be here before we know it. We've already seen a bunch of ads surface from companies like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and others, but this one from eBay is a bit, well... odd. In an attempt to stand out from the rest, eBay has launched a "Better Black Friday Deals" promotion that starts right now.

Using deals and information from the competitors ads, the eBay team has dropped the price of tons of different items to beat some of what will be seen during the Black Friday shopping event. Now, we've already said that you can't blindly trust Black Friday deals, and that's certainly the case with these offerings from eBay as well. The online retailer is specifically calling out the competitor's price it's beating, but some of the listings neglect to show where you can get a better deal than what's listed.

Take Apple's AirPods for example. You can pick up a pair for $149 at eBay, which "beats" Target's $159 retail price, but is still $5 more than Amazon has been selling them at for the past month or more. Other items, like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, eBay is selling it for $43.99, saying it beats Target's $45.99 price. While that's true, Target REDcard holders can save an additional 5% on the purchase, making it $43.69.

Some of these are worth considering, though, like Red Dead Redemption for Xbox One at just $48, or the KitchenAid mixer bowl with handle for $200. The game was just recently released, and isn't likely to be available for much less anywhere else, and the mixer is matching Costco's pricing, but without the need for a membership.

Other discounts, like the Nest Thermostat (3rd-Gen) are simply just matched at eBay, making the only advantage the ability to buy it right now for that price instead of waiting. It's also matching Kohl's on the Dyson V10 Animal vacuum, but what is left out is the massive amount of Kohl's cash that you'd get back for waiting the extra week or so to purchase it there.

If you absolutely can't wait to shop Black Friday deals, and feel like you need to buy something today, you can check out the full assortment of eBay's deals and see if anything else stands out to you. Just keep in mind that we've seen a bunch of great deals already surface, and that while eBay may be beating someone else's pricing, that doesn't mean that it is beating the additional offers and benefits that you may receive from that retailer.

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