Being a RedCard holder is pretty much essential if you ever shop at Target, and despite what you might think, you don't have to sign up for a credit card to get one. There's a free debit option too, with no fees and no additional charges to worry about, and this week is the perfect time to sign up. Through July 26, Target is offering a coupon for $40 off a future purchase of $40 or more when you sign up for a Target RedCard.

Save 5% Everyday

$40 off $40 with Target REDcard Signup

Target's REDcard is a wise choice for any shopper. If you don't want a credit card, there's a free debit card version that gets the same benefits, like 5% off and free shipping. Signing up now will get you a coupon for $40 off a future $40 purchase!

$40 off $40+

There are two RedCard options to choose from, a credit card and a debit card, and you'll score the coupon by signing up for either one. Having a RedCard at Target is crucial because it takes 5% off your order every time you shop there. Not only that, RedCard holders score free two-day shipping on thousands of items at Target without paying some large annual fee like Amazon Prime has. There are some exclusive discounts only members can earn as well.

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Target's free RedCard debit version provides the exact same benefits as the credit card option. Simply link it to your bank, and when you swipe your RedCard, the total comes out of the linked account. You'll get 5% off, exclusive coupons, special promotions, and even RedCard-only products. So if your credit is bad, or you (understandably) wouldn't trust yourself with a Target credit card, you can get the free debit card version and take advantage of all those benefits. You'll even get a 10% off coupon on your cardholder anniversary each year.

There are some exclusions to this deal, such as alcohol, Apple products, select Baby products, Google, HP, Nintendo and PS4 hardware, Switch games, Samsung TVs, LEGO sets, and more. You can find the full list of exclusions at the bottom of the offer page.

The coupon must be used before August 29, and to qualify for the $40 discount, your total must not include ineligible products. So if you plan on purchasing $40 of products that aren't excluded, or if you ever plan on shopping at Target again, sign up for the RedCard while the promotion is still valid.

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