Did working from home hit you by surprise? As in, you've never really done it before and didn't have the right gear set up for it? Maybe you've got the essentials already like a work laptop and headset for conference meetings, but what are you sitting on? Hopefully some sort of chair and not like... an empty box or something. But I doubt it's an office chair, maybe like the comfortable one sitting in your abandoned office. Grab the WorkPro 1000 from Office Depot today for an upgrade to your back and bum. It's down to $129.99. This is a $250 chair that has a street price around $180 in some places.

Save $60

WorkPro 1000 Series mesh task chair

Uses breathable mesh and rolling casters. The adjustable armrests and the cable control mechanism with slider help you find the perfect seated position with the ideal support. Weight capacity of 250 pounds. Made from 95% recycled content

$129.99 $180.00 $50 off

The WorkPro 1000 is designed for those of us who spend a long time sitting, usually staring at a screen or two. In fact, its recommended daily usage is between eight to 10 hours. Of course, you should still be taking some breaks. Stand up and stretch. Get some water. Sitting that long every day is unhealthy.

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The chair itself has a breathable mesh on the back that helps keep you cool. It also has rolling casters so you can maneuver into position when you need to or transfer the chair from room to room when necessary.

Get full control and find the perfect position thanks to the cable control mechanism with slider for adjusting your seat and the armrests that can be raised, lowered, and pivoted.

The chair is also an eco-conscious choice because it's made with 95% recycled content, including 95% postconsumer content.

You'll have to assemble the chair yourself, but it shouldn't be too complicated. It does come with a limited lifetime warranty, too.

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