If you buy this digital code for six months of Xbox Live on Amazon for $39.88, you'll also get a game code for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege emailed to you. This deal seems to only be on the six month card, not any of the other Xbox Live cards. You'll get both the code for the Xbox Live membership and the code for Rainbow Six Siege emailed to you but probably at two different times, so keep an eye out.

Rainbow Six Siege is $33.80 on Amazon, and that's one of its lowest prices around.

Rainbow Six is a team-based shooter with a lot of strategy. If you're playing online with your recently purchased six months of Xbox Live, the main game types involve multiple variations on a theme: five players defend a position while five enemy players try to overtake it. In some cases the attackers are trying to diffuse bombs planted by the defenders, secure biohazard containers, rescue hostages, etc.

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