Update: This deal has expired.

SnapFish is offering its users 20 free 4x6 prints as part of a 4th of July sale. All you need to is sign in with your SnapFish account, add the prints you want, and use code 20FREEUSA at checkout.

This deal comes with free shipping. The shipping charge will still show up, but when you use the coupon code it will subtract the charge from the total.

If you're a brand new SnapFish customer you get 100 4x6 prints for free. You'll actually want to do that free 100 at some other time because the shipping for that deal is not free. Your checkout will default to taking the 20 prints from this 100 free deal. Just overwrite it with the 20FREEUSA code as mentioned above.

This deal has to be a shipping order. You can't use it on in-store pickup. It expires on July 5.

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