Update: These headphones are now at $128 which is still almost $50 below their average price.

The Sony Extra Bass Wireless Headphones are now on sale at Amazon for just $98, their lowest price since Amazon Prime Day. This is the newest model of these headphones and they're generally sold around $175 on average. Black, red and blue versions are on sale at this time.

These headphones feature an "Extra Bass" button which allows you to choose to use the special EQ settings or not. As they're wireless, you will need to recharge these headphones every so often. However, they have a battery life of up to 18 hours so you can listen practically all day without needing to recharge if you wish. They can connect to your phone via Bluetooth and NFC.

You can also connect the headset to the Sony HeadphonesConnect app to set the perfect sound for every song in your library.

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