Update: This offer has ended.

When something proudly calls itself "The Best Poop of your Life," you know it's not messing around. The Squatty Potty 7-inch bathroom stool is down to $17.49 on Amazon. You can get the 9-inch at the same price, but that's apparently for more advanced poopers or people with exceptionally tall porcelain thrones. Both stools regularly sell for $25, and even though they have dropped a few bucks in the past, this $17.49 price matches a low they haven't reached since this time last year.

The Squatty Potty is pretty simple. It's designed so that your body is better configured for pooping. You'll poop faster and easier and your colon will thank you for it. The reduced straining can help heal hemorrhoids and prevent other issues in that neck of the woods.

This can also be used a toilet training aid for toddlers.

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