Update: This deal is expired.

Starbucks has a deal right now where you buy a eGift card worth at least $10 using Visa Checkout and you'll get a bonus of $10 added to it. The card's value can be as high as you want but you'll only get $10 added on and you can only do it once. The promotion extends to the first 225,000 people. So if more people than that try to do it, they won't get the bonus. You should see it applied during your order summary if you are eligible.

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The card is sent through email.

Use your bonus money at any Starbucks store or online. Since you've got $20 to spend now, you can get yourself any number of things:

  • Aqua Stainless Steel water bottle for $16.07
  • Pike Place roast for $12.95, my favorite
  • Refill your Verismo system with Caffe Latte Verismo pods for $12.95
  • Add a few extra bucks to your card and get the Cold Brew kit for $24.95

You could just buy some more coffee to get you through the day, too. That's what I'll use mine on!

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