Today at Woot you can participate in a sale that includes two different Amazon Kindle models refurbished and down to low prices. The 2019 Amazon Kindle is just $39.99 with this deal, and the Kindle Voyage is only $10 more at $49.99. Both are super low prices for these models, and both come with a 90-day Woot warranty in case the refurb doesn't live up to Woot's standards. Of course you can always get free shipping on Woot products if you use your Amazon Prime membership. Otherwise, you'll have to pay a few extra bucks in a flat fee.

For a short time

Amazon Kindle or Kindle Voyage Woot sale

Get the 2019 Amazon Kindle for as little as $39.99 or the upgraded Voyage e-reader for $49.99. Both prices are very low and have Woot's 90-day limited warranty. You'll get a high-resolution screen, adaptive lights, a long-lasting battery, and more.

Down to $39.99

With the Kindle you get a screen built for reading with a 167 ppi glare-free display. That means you'll still be able to read even in direct sunlight, although based on the weather where I am we're still several months away from seeing the sun again. Adjust the brightness so you can read comfortably whether you're indoors or outdoors or reading at night or during the day. You'll get 4GB of storage that can handle thousands of titles, and you can do other things like look up definitions, highlight passages, and more.

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The Voyage at one point was near the top of the Kindle heiarchy and does a lot of things very well. Compared to the regulr Kindle, it's thinner, lighter, designed to automatically adjust brightness based on ambient light, and has a battery that will last you weeks. It also has physical buttons on the side and uses "PagePress" to help you turn the page without lifting your fingers.

The advantage of the Kindle is that it has Bluetooth, so you can listen to audiobooks by connecting a pair of Bluetooth headphones. The Voyage however has a front light you can adjust. Decide which one works best for you before you decide.

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