Knowledge is one of life's greatest gifts. Treat a young one in your life to the joys of wonder with this selection of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) learning toys and games, from the Makey Makey Inventor Kit to Bioxel's Build Your Own Video Game.

Kano Computer Kit 2017
This is a toy that children can learn from, but it works for adults, too, if you've ever had any interest in building your own computer or learning a basic programming language.
Star Wars Hero Droid BB-8
A lot of BB-8 replicas have come about since The Force Awakens hit theaters, but this is one of the largest out there. It actually feels like having a real BB-8 droid in your living room. Plus, I'm sure your dog will love it.
Propel Star Wars quadcopter battling drone
You're going to need to build up your fleet for this one. Gather your tie fighters and X wings together to fight for control of the galaxy.
Melissa & Doug Wooden Stamp Set
This kit comes with stamps, ink pads, and colored pencils so your kids can create their own scenes and then color them in. It's like a choose-your-own-adventure coloring book. Sort of.
Lego Boost Creative Toolbox 847-piece Building and Coding Kit
You don't have to build the Short Circuit robot if you don't want to. This creative Lego set has five different models you can design, or you can do what all great Lego builders do - create your own masterpiece.
Littlest Pet Shop Black & White Pet Pack
These tiny pets have tiny homes and a tiny sense of style all their own. This is just the start of a collection as there are tons of pets to choose from.
Fuzzy Flyers Chirpie the Interactive Plush Bird
This toy reacts to being shook and tossed around. It's loaded with games like hot potato and egg toss, and the bird will lead the way.
Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Noodles Baby
Nothin' says get ready for adulthood like a babydoll that poops its own diapers! Get revenge on your children for their first few years of life with this toy.
Dalmatian 15-piece Vet Kit
Got a young vet at home? This toy gives children a stuffed Dalmation to take care of, along with vet tools like a stethoscope and reflex hammer to make sure he's treated well.
Learning Resources Code & Go 83-piece Robot Mouse Activity Set
Combine this 83-piece mouse and maze set with some simple programming languages and get your kids' imaginations stirring with all the things they can make happen here.
Melissa and Doug Zoo Friends set-of-4 hand puppets
Give your child a new friend or put on a puppet show to stir their imagination with this set of four wild animal hand puppets.

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