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The prolific writer Stephen King is well-known for his horror stories that have generated countless film adaptations. With the remake of It now beginning to leave theaters after many glowing reviews, and The Mist Season 1 having just finished up its run, horror fans don't have to look any further than Amazon to find the next hit Stephen King adaptation.

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Big Driver, a made-for-TV movie of his novella by the same name is currently on sale to own in Digital HD for just $0.99.

Big Driver stars Maria Bello and centers around a mystery novelist named Tess Thorne who takes a new route home and finds herself on a hellish journey. This movie also stars Ann Dowd and Joan Jett!


  • What makes this deal worth considering? - It's almost Halloween and this is a Stephen King adaptation! What more can you ask? This is also the lowest price this film has ever reached. It generally sells for $4.
  • Things to know before you buy! - King's TV adaptations are very hit-or-miss. I'm still wondering why I sat through every episode of Under The Dome. His stories do a great job of pulling you in, and then whoever adapts it for television usually has none of the same wit or storytelling skill as King and some of the magic gets lost in the mix. But hey, at just 99 cents, it seems like a fun watch whether it remains logically sound throughout or not.

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