Update: This sale has ended.

Apple has finally introduced wireless charging to the iPhone lineup, and that means that you'll probably be looking to pick up some compatible charging pads. Apple doesn't plan to release its own official version until 2018, which is a long time to wait and not use the technology. Luckily, you can try it out on day one, and it won't cost a fortune to do so.

Aukey is currently offering up some great discounts on its Qi wireless charging pads, dropping prices down to as low as $9.89 at Amazon. In addition to the wireless charger deals, the company is offering up some wall chargers that are capable of quickly charging up the iPhone. Combine the fast-charging wall plug with the charging pads below for the optimal results.

Don't delay ordering these accessories because the latest iPhones aren't available. Be sure to grab these now so that you have them when your new iPhone arrives.

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