At a time where we're all hyper-aware of our hand-washing routines, Simplehuman has launched a sale offering 25% off all its sensor soap pumps, soap, and sensor trash cans from now until April 10. These hands-free home buys are not only super-cool, but they are actually ideal for helping to reduce the amount of things your hands touch as we try to halt the spread COVID-19.


Simplehuman Touch-Free Soap Dispensers, Refills, and Trash Cans

These touch-free soap pumps are an ideal tool against the spread of COVID-19, allowing you to wash your hands without contaminating the bottle of soap. Soap refills and other hands-free products are also on sale.

25% off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

With the current global coronavirus crisis, it's more important than ever to maintain good hand hygiene. You should be washing your hands regularly throughout the day, especially if you've come into contact with other people or touched surfaces others may have laid hands on before you. But touching items around your home before you've washed your hands can ultimately leave you at risk the next time you interact with those items.

You probably touch your soap dispenser when your hands are dirtiest, given its job, so that's an ideal place to go hands-free. Having your trash can also go contactless is convenient, too, as you may well approach it with your hands full of stuff to go in there.

There are various styles of soap dispenser on sale with prices starting at $37.50. Granted, these are still more expensive than your regular store-bought soap dispenser (if you're lucky enough to find one these days), but the added smarts and convenience at this time might just be worth it for you. Plus, the soap pumps are are backed by a 2-year warranty and save you buying a disposable plastic soap dispenser every time you need a refill. That's bad for the planet when you could just buy soap refills for your Simplehuman dispenser.

The trash cans, which usually start at $100, are now down as low as $75. As well as sensing motion, you can even get voice-controlled models that respond to commands like "open can," "stay open," and "close can." Finishes for both product ranges include everything from white plastic to fancy rose gold or dark bronze so you can match your purchase to your kitchen or bathroom decor.