Update: Some of these deals have ended, but many are still available!

A whole bunch of Synology network-attached storage devices are on sale right now, and there's a wide range of features and prices based on what you need to start your own media server.

NAS systems let you create your own media server at home. If you have a lot of digital music and movies, you can use a NAS like this one to put all those files in a central location and access it from any system in your home. It's also a good thing to have for small businesses where multiple people might need access to the same files. And this one is perfect because it's smart enough and powerful enough to let you do all that without breaking the bank in the process.

All of Synology's DiskStations come with a two-year warranty.

You'll need to fill those bays with something! Get WD Red 2TB hard drives for $85 each.

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