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Doing anything without good lighting is a nightmare. Whether you like to sew, paint, type, or read, you should always have proper lighting to ensure that you're putting out the best work you can. Working without ideal lighting can also be hard on your eyes, and nobody likes trying to complete a task while they have a headache.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this OxyLED Architect Swing Arm Dimmable Desk Lamp. It's on sale for $49.99 when you use coupon code ThrifT4S.

This lamp has received 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 501 customer reviews. The light is specifically designed to mimic early morning light. As a result, it will be extra easy on your eyes. Aside from being better for your vision, LED lighting is also beneficial for your wallet. LED lights cost less to run and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

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The maximum extension of this light is around 40 inches, so it should be able to cover your work surface easily. Adjust the arm as you need to and trust in the fact that the joints are all designed to be sturdy and safe. Need more or less light? You can adjust the brightness with the push of a button.


  • What makes this deal worth considering? - Today's price beats the previous historic low by $2, and the positive reviews make the deal even better.
  • Things to know before you buy! - Good lighting is important when working. So is concentration. If you're revamping your work space, consider picking up this cheap-but-awesome Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to some Mozart while you make art or Barry White while you write. Okay, sorry, I'll see myself out.

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