There's a not-so-well-known secret about shopping at Target that can save you tons of money as a customer. You've no doubt heard about the Target RedCard, but what's not instantly clear about this program is that there are two very different versions of the card that offer most of the same benefits. The credit RedCard has fees and interest as you'd expect from any credit card, but the debit RedCard is absolutely free to use, has zero fees or additional charges, and will save you money every single time you shop at Target.

There's really no reason not to have the debit RedCard if you shop at Target even on rare occasions, and now's an excellent time to sign up as you'll receive a coupon for $40 off a future purchase of $40 or more when you're approved. Of course, the coupon is only a small part of all the ways you can save with a RedCard, though you'll want to apply before May 30 if you don't want to miss out on that offer.

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$40 off $40+

$40 off $40 with Target REDcard Signup

Sign up for a Target RedCard today to score a coupon for $40 off a future purchase of $40 or more. With a debit RedCard, you never have to worry about monthly fees, interest, or any other charges. There's really no reason not to have one.

Limited Time Only

The debit RedCard connects directly to your bank account so you can use it to pay for whatever you buy at Target just as you would any other debit card. That means there are never any monthly payments, interest, or late fees to worry about. There's no annual fee to use the card either.

With a RedCard, you'll be able to save 5% on every purchase you make at Target whether online or in-store. That discount is even applicable on products that are often excluded from discounts, such as LEGO, Apple devices, video game consoles, and even gift cards. You can literally save 5% on anything you buy there with this card; it even works at Starbucks inside of Target stores for 5% off anything you purchase. Your RedCard also gives you free shipping when you use it on Target's website as well as an additional 30 days for returns and exchanges.

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