Update: This deal has ended.

There are many reasons I would like to go back in time to visit the 80's, and now I have another one. Barnes & Noble has the Teddy Ruxpin (yes, that Teddy Ruxpin) for $69.96. Use coupon code FRIENDSFAM17 during checkout. This teddy bear normally sells for around $100.

Teddy Ruxpin is a classic toy from 1985, and was a huge hit with both children and their parents. Teddy can help build your child's vocabulary and comprehension skills with his animated storytelling and singing. All you have to do is insert one of the twenty-two program cartridges, and watch Teddy come to life. Each program contains stories, music and sound effects with customized data. Watch Teddy Ruxpin's eyes and mouth move in sync with each song and story.

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Your child will be thrilled as they are transported into Teddy's imaginary world, where they will meet all of Teddy's friends, and join them on exciting adventures.

Teddy comes with a slot for inserting program cartridges, as well as an on/off power switch that shuts down all the Teddy functions. His fingers also double as easy push and play buttons. Now is the time to get nostalgic and grab this teddy bear, as well as a piece of your past.

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